Who we are

Crowd Capital for Sustainability (CCS) was founded in 2020. CCS is a FinTech platform that allows everyone to invest into environmentally sustainable projects, and to receive returns from such investments.

what we aim to do

To demonstrate the performance, reliability, and returns from investments so that everyone becomes more aware of not only the environmental benefits but the positive economic benefits from investing into a sustainable future.

what we believe

We believe when this happens, this will result in a paradigm shift towards a greater and wider adoption of such initiatives, not only in Thailand but throughout Southeast Asia.​


Crowdfunding provides people with the chance to invest (often smaller amounts than normal) into initiatives and ideas and projects that they feel strongly about or want to see succeed.

So, when it comes to renewable energy, crowdfunding platforms make it possible for individuals and groups to fund renewable energy projects. Crowdfunding is a great way of raising funds to get new and often smaller projects off the ground and up and running.

Thailand energy’s situation

Increasing Energy consumption

In Southeast Asia energy consumption from both residential and commercial buildings continues to increase. Over the past decade, energy consumption from the commercial building sector in Thailand has increased at an average of 4% per annum and currently represents over 30% of total electricity consumption, second only to the industrial sector. Housing and buildings that exist today will continue to represent the majority of both energy and Greenhouse Gas emissions in Thailand, with newly constructed buildings representing only a small additional portion.

What we offer

Crowdinvesting and Crowdlending

CCS offers the traditional Crowdfunding investment options of Crowdinvesting (also known as equity crowdfunding) – investing small amounts of funds in exchange for shares or a percentage of ownership; and Crowdlending – investors lending funds to CCS on a pre-agreed rate and term.

kWh Produced
CO2 Saved

A way to finance sustainability for our future