About CCS

Founded in 2020.   

CCS is a FinTech platform that allows everyone to invest into environmentally sustainable projects, and to receive returns from such investments. We aim to demonstrate the performance, reliability, and returns from such investments so that everyone becomes more aware of not only the environmental benefits but the positive economic benefits from investing into a sustainable future. We believe when this happens, this will result in a paradigm shift towards a greater and wider adoption of such initiatives, not only in Thailand but throughout Southeast Asia.​

“After 15 years of working (trying) to overcome the various market challenges relating to energy efficiency and (small scale) renewable energy projects in Asia, it has never been so clear to me that the single largest barrier to the widespread adoption and implementation of such projects is financing – or more specifically, the availability of and access to affordable financial models and mechanisms which are structured to match the unique needs  of the market. Crowdfunding is certainly one of these solutions.”  

Christopher Seeley


Our Values

Transparency, Risk & Security, Motivation


We want to demonstrate and share all the details of our projects with the hope that this transparency  acts as a catalyst for large scale expansion and replication in the near future.​

Risk & Security

All investment have a risk, we do our best to keep this to a minimum. We adhere to all international standards and quality levels. The advantage of the CCS crowdfunding model is that risk is spread across multiple projects, multiple end users, multiple technologies and systems, and multiple business models. Therefore the overall risk  to individual investors is much  lower than other crowdfunding models where all risk is placed on   a single project.​


There has never been a time more than now when the environment needs collective, collaborative, and swift action from everyone.

investment options with ccs

Crowd investing or Equity 

Investing small amounts of funds in exchange for shares or a percentage of ownership.


 Investors lending funds to CCS on a pre-agreed rate and term. CCS then invests these funds into portfolio of sustainable projects such as solar rooftop projects or energy efficiency projects.

These projects go through a rigorous investment evaluation process before being funded. The returns offered by CCS are above market rate, with projected performance expected to be in the range of 15-25%.  ​