Today’s ‘Business-as-Usual’ is carbon intensive and destroying the planet we live on. But there are other choices available which not only help to preserve the environment, but also provide clear economic returns for everyone involved. CCS has set up a platform which allows everyone to participate in this essential transformation towards a sustainable future and to share in these benefits.

Crowd Capital for Sustainability (CCS) has been established to offer a solution towards a sustainable future by investing into projects that result in reduced energy consumption and promote environmental sustainability.


CCS Provides 2 investment models, each model providing different returns.
Normally the returns are above market rate. 

Option1: Equity

You can invest equity and become a shareholder through the acquisition of shares in CCS. ​

You will acquire a percentage of the shares of CCS, the company that owns and operates all of the projects. Through the sale of projects and/or the sale of energy from these projects CCS expects to generate profits. ​Profits are then distributed to shareholders through dividends.

  • Investor become a shareholder through the acquisition of shares.
  • CCS receives funds from the sale of shares in the company.
  • Shareholders receive dividends.
  • Shareholders earn additional profits from the sale of shares at an increased value in the future.

Option2 : Crowdlending

You can lend funds to CCS which will be used to invest into individual projects. In exchange for this loan, you will receive interest payments according to the 3 lending options as follows:​

  • Amortizing
  • Non-Amortizing
  • Compounding

CCS makes equal monthly payments consisting of both principal and interest. The outstanding principal reduces with each payment. The interest rate is calculated on the outstanding principal amount.

2.Non-amortizing (interest only)

CCS makes equal monthly payments of interest only. The principal amount is paid back at the end of the loan period. The interest rate is calculated on the total loan amount and on an annual basis.

 3.Compound interest​

CCS makes full payment of principal and interest at the end of the loan term. The interest rate is calculated monthly and added to the lenders principal on a monthly basis. Interest is then based upon the initial principal and interest due that is accumulated throughout the term of the loan.


Projects must pass a rigorous due diligence and evaluation process in order to be accepted to be implemented. A team of experts evaluates each project based upon a number of criteria including both profitability and risk. This evaluation is carried out from three different paradigms:​

technical assessment

 Technical risks are identified and if required, additional steps are taken to further mitigate any potential risks. The assessment includes analysis of past performance of technologies, system design and connectivity, warranties, performance guarantees, and any site specific technical risks. ​

financial assessment

The financial assessment includes evaluating the financial risk of the overall project in terms of costs, revenues, profitability, and the risk associated with the Customer. If required, various delivery models and financing mechanisms are considered in order to better manage the financial risk of each project.​

legal assessment

All projects to be undertaken will be implemented by the use of formal contracts which follow all local laws and regulations and any other relevant policies. They will also represent international best practices to ensure investments are protected as best as possible. ​

Overall due diligence  will include an assessment of other key factors including;

  • The environmental and sustainability impact of the project.
  • The opportunity to demonstrate innovation.
  • The use of new technologies.
  • Efforts made to ensure gender equality and inclusion​